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Crave for Singapore's Favourite Hong Kong Style Lup Chong

Locally made in Singapore using Premium Rose wine , Ideal Food's Lup Chong are the 'must have' for the sweet aroma and flavour in the classic Claypot rice or Lup Mei Fun and many other favourite dishes.

Singapore's Favourites 

Original Hong Kong Classic

The Classic recipe brought from Hong Kong. This version brings out a well-balanced amount of sweetness and saltiness to your dishes. They also come in low-fat variations.

Tung-Koon Sausage

It's unique shape is matched by it's uniquely sweeter flavour. This is a popular choice during the Chinese New Year. 

Duck Liver Flavour

Another favourite during major celebrations such as Chinese New Year, the duck liver has a richer flavour and colour that compliments the classic flavour.

Your Favorite Lap Cheong Moments 


 When I want something quick & easy, I love my stir frys. Lup Choeng are a perfect match. They complement and flavour vegetables and other meats too .


I'm in love with my mum's Lo mai Gai, the aroma and generous amounts of Lup Cheong is such a treat on lazy weekends.


When I need a quick fix when nostalgia hits, chicken mince congee & slices of pan fried Lup Cheong , brings me back to my youth back home .

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